These are unprecedented times.

Never before have we experienced a global pandemic with such a profound impact on the Security & Hospitality industries.


At AllSkilled, we strive to be ahead with information and procedures to ensure our clients are given the best service to protect our staff, their staff & their patrons from this virus. 


Our induction process on this is thorough & informative.


We endorse the use of masks, as well as sanitising self & high touch surfaces.


All of our staff will be provided face masks and hand sanitiser and all other PPE required to provide their safety and the safety of venue staff & patrons. They will also be well versed in ours & your Covid Plan.

Prior to commencement of their daily shifts, our staff will complete the DHHS and legally required Covid19 questionnaire, which on completion will be sent directly to the Venue Roster Portal for compliance and records.

Wearing a mask
Washing & Sanitizing Hands
Social Distancing
Recording Information for Businesses
Covid19 Plan